Tap the power of social media to grow awareness, engagement, and traffic.

Social media is no more just for friends and family but is a powerful digital marketing tool that no business can afford to miss out on.

There are more than 3 billion people currently active on social media platforms and the number is increasing ever. People are using these platforms for literally everything – to inform, educate, and entertain. It’s time that your business takes leverage of this new-age marketing opportunity and engages with the target audience at places they spend most of their time.
Through social media, you can:
  • Engage with your target customers in real-time
  • Drive brand awareness and build trust
  • Listen to your audience’s demands and grievances
  • Present yourself as a thought leader in your industry
  • Sell your products and services directly to the customers
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Drive awareness, engagement, and revenue for your business with our social media marketing solutions.

Social Media Audit & Strategy

We analyze the current social media landscape for your business. This includes understanding your audience, discovering trends, and researching content ideas. We then formulate a custom social media strategy that can help you reach out to your audience and improve engagement.

Competitive Analysis

We do a thorough check on what your biggest competitors are doing on social media. We track their use of hashtags, content posting frequency, ad spending, and more to understand their weaknesses. We then identify opportunities for your business that can help in outranking your competitors and improving your social media presence.

Content Development & Promotion

We create less sales-heavy and more customer-focused content that can capture the attention of your targeted audience and present you as a thought leader in your domain. We post a mix of content (text, images, and videos) and ensure that your brand message reaches to your followers in the most interactive and engaging way.

Social Media

Maximize your brand visibility and increase revenue by targeting social media ads to the right audience on the right platforms. Our experts create ultra-focused ads based on your customers’ age, gender, income, marital status, education, and more. We run ad campaigns that align with your budget and maximize your ROI.

Branding & Reputation

Social media is a place where your present and future customers can interact with you directly. They get a chance to know your brand and the values of your business. At InfyQ, we make sure that you send a clear brand message across different social media channels, that there’s positive word of mouth around your brand, and that you address your customers’ grievances at the earliest.

Analytics & Reporting

We don’t just make tall claims but also show them to our clients through our weekly and monthly reports. We track key performance indicators relevant to your social media campaigns and share the monthly growth chart with you. You will also get to know the improvements we are making to your campaigns, budget projections, and more through our fully customized reports.

Social Media Platforms

Be wherever your audience hangs out the most.


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Why Outsource Social Media Management To India?

Our Approach to Social Media Marketing

Stand Out

We start by creating a robust social strategy focused on your business goals while taking the marketplace, competition, buyer personas, etc. into consideration.

Create Fantastic Content

After strategizing, we develop useful, enticing, and interactive content by focusing on both context and form in order to build relationships with your audience.

Lead the Conversation

In the next step, we promote the content to your advantage and stretch the campaign out by LEADING the conversations instead of JOINING them.

Amplify It

After that, we utilize strategic content amplification techniques in order to break free of your network limitations and improve your content outreach radically

Measure It

The successive step includes measurement of both campaign-focused metrics as well as ongoing analytics to track the overall performance and find opportunities to gain from.

Keep it Real

Finally, we put our best efforts to keep all your marketing initiatives real and interactive by infusing your brand personality into our social strategies tactically.


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